Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Expressions: Hummingbird

Expressions: Hummingbird                     :HUMMINGBIRD SEALS and CROFTS ~ for MOM


An evening in Spring.  It was softly raining.  The ground damp.  A soft mist in the air.  A bird chirping good night.  Some of my classmates from highschool had gathered for dinner.  We were planning our class reunion.  A classmate and old neighbor hosted our gathering.  Looking at the time, realising 40 years had passed since our graduation.  It was as though we planned to meet up together once again in the future and here it was.  The host I  have known since kindergarten.  We talked about Occum school.  Wishing it was still there.  We talked about the past, our innocence, our parents, living and those that have died.  Our childhood we remembered, playing outside.  Did anyone remember the New York Fair, the Bronx Zoo?  What about the toys?  Remember your toys?  Getting a prize in the CrackerJack box.  Which of us loves to be in the kitchen cooking?  Our parents growing up during the Great Depression and how we learned to be frugal when cooking our recipes.  While in the backyard, stepping into a darkened outdoor patio frim the conversation of the kitchen indoors, our host was doing at the grill.  How lovely it was to get togther.  In sight was a hummingbird enjoying the sweet nectar.  Yes, time passes and may you have blessings through your years.