Monday, April 7, 2014

The Hidden Workings Behind Hitler

What caused Hitler to become angry?  The Germans were becoming a society of great artisans, painters, musicians.  The upper class had education, art, what the privileged in society could afford and the German society was proud of their accomplishments.  Hitler went to a school and painted, some of his paintings are still available for viewing.  Adolf Hitler felt he, too, could become a part of the upper class in Germany and looked for work as a painter in Germany where he felt he would get the acclamation he deserved from the well respected artisans of the time in Germany.  His paintings and art work was not accepted, though, by the wealthy, upper class in Germany.  Hitler was angry that he could not be part of the well educated and wealthy social elite.  He thought it must be a circle, this social wealthy upper class in Germany that had control of who's art could be accepted in Germany.  So, he wanted to bring their society to an end and everything they worked for.  He, feeling so denied as an individual by the upper class and artisans of the wealthy, as an act of revenge, he became the Leader of the Nazi Party and World War Two began.