Friday, October 30, 2015

Was Stonehenge a Time Measurement

     Hour by hour, day by day, men looked at the sky watching and studying the sun, the moon, the stars traveling through the sky.  Was stonehenge in England built by men who wanted to measure the sun's movements, the moon's movements to accurately measure the movement of the sun and moon?  Instead of a sun-dial, man could put the measurement of time into a clock, a watch, a calendar of months, a year.  The patience it must have taken to study the movements of the sun and moon through the sky measure how long a day would be and fit that measurement into twelves for a time piece to measure the length of a day.  Each twelve would represent one hour of a day.  Make that measurement so the full day would be twenty-four hours, the p.m. twelves of the time piece would represent night time when the moon and stars were out.  The a.m. twelves of the time piece would represent day-time when the sun was out and this timepiece measured a full 24 hour day that came about from men studying the sun, moon, and stars.

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