Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Concord Grapes

 I was taking a walk on a sunny September day.  The property was originally owned by the Bushnell family, maybe during the Colonial days.  As I walked, I came upon land that, thankfully, has not been disturbed.  The trees are still there, and overgrown brush and thickets, but there was a large grape vine, it grew along the side a tree and I took a close look and there were many clusters of red grapes.  I was sure when I saw the cluster of grapes, these were planted many years ago when the Bushnell family may have had a vineyard on this property they owned.  I was filled with surprise, that these grapes had survived many years.  These were the vines still filled with clusters of grapes the gentlemen and ladies cared for and while in there summertime day-dresses, in their hands fans to cool themselves or a delicate umbrella to shade themselves from the sun, would meander through the vineyards and later have a glass of wine on their porch and enjoy the labors of their hard work.